Seeking Coalescence- Works by Diane Richey-Ward

Seeking Coalescence- works by Artist in Residence Diane Richey-Ward


“My recent drawings represent an ongoing series

combining man- made and organic form. My previous

exhibitions have included transparent and sculptural

elements, in addition to video installations.

The creative process stems from an investigation of

form: I use the observation of various subjects as a

springboard for invention.

Recently I have been developing a series which

investigates the potential of superimposing

photographic images with charcoal/pastel drawings. By

layering elements of mechanical and natural forms, in

both transparent color layers and drawn images, I

search for dynamic configurations and mutations.

I attempt to create an environment where the vigor, or

force created by the form is retained in the piece. By

seeking a delicate balance between improvisation and

resolution my goal is to retain a certain mystery and a

sense of kinetic movement. Ideally an immediate

transference of energy occurs.

I intend to further examine new aspects of layering as it

relates to the coalescence of form and idea- seeking an

understanding of the migrant/ nomadic nature of my

personal expression.

In an attempt to find my own voice in an increasingly

turbulent world, I’m seeking a certain poetic reality- an

unexpected trace order in chaos.”   – Diane Richey-Ward


“It’s what I’ve never seen before that I recognize” – Diane Arbus