The City Starts to Shake-Robert Andrew Smyth

The City Starts To Shake: Paintings by Robert Andrew Smyth

Inauguración: 22 Julio 2016

RAS A3 online.jpg

At the most fundamental level the work explores the metaphysical nature of the relationship between viewer & object: how is the interpretation of an image altered by the likes of association and suggestion, and what does this mean for the notion of artistic objects being entities in their own right.

The purpose of deliberately combining compositions, titles and subjects typical of Renaissance & Gothic works with execution methods drawn from Arte Povera and Tachisme is to create intriguing visual paradigms themed by esotericism, eschatology and philosophical references. In so doing, the intention is to return the act of pictorial interaction to that of being a spiritually guided experience and thus broaden interpretation out beyond the literal.


Smyth Studied at the Glasgow School of Art in the early nineties. After graduating in 1993 with a 1st Class BA (Hons) in Fine Art, he was awarded Visiting Lectureship in Printmaking at Eastbourne College of Art. A continued interest in art education led to postgraduate study at Cambridge University and appointment as Art Master at Lancing College. After a move to Scotland and several years of freelance design practice, he relocated to Ireland.

His works are held in various private collections across Ireland, UK, France and Germany. Website: